How to Make a Mojito Cocktail

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Where did it come from? Where did it go? Where did it come from? MOJITO

Refreshing Mint and Lime for Hot Summer Nights

Perfectly light and refreshing for those hot and humid Havana nights, the classic Mojito is a Cuban highball. Most commonly consisting of white rum, lime juice, mint, sugar, and soda water the sweet citrus pairs nicely with the mint and complements the flavor of the rum. Served in a highball glass filled with ice and a sprig of mint and a lime wedge – this classic rum cocktail is perfect for summer nights.

What Is in a Mojito Cocktail Recipe?

Depending on your preference, Mojitos can be made from dark or light rum – however, we always suggest using a Cuban rum for the most traditional flavor. Additionally, the sugar can be switched out for simple syrup or sugar cane juice. Fresh mint is, of course, a must for refreshing Mojito cocktails.

The Perfect Mojito Recipe

Let’s go over the ingredients you’ll need and the steps to take to make the BEST MOJITO you will ever taste:


1 1/2 oz RUM
3/4 oz CLUB SODA


  1. In your cocktail shaker, combine the mint leaves (save the most attractive sprig for garnish) with the simple syrup and lightly muddle them together. It is important to use a light touch when muddling the mint to avoid releasing the bitter chlorophyll in the leaves.
  2. Add the rum, lime juice, and ice to the shaker and give it a brief shake for a few seconds. Strain the mixture into a highball glass over fresh crushed ice. Fill the glass with the club soda – just a bit so the flavor isn’t diluted – and stir together with a wooden spoon.
  3. Take the saved spring of mint and slap it to release the oils and elevate your Mojito experience. Garnish your drink with the activated mint and a lime wheel and enjoy!

History of the Mojito Cocktail

As with most of the classic cocktails known all across the globe, the Mojito has a long history filled with twists and turns. Many cocktail historians credit the initial worldwide popularity of the drink to Earnest Hemmingway and the bar La Bodeguita in downtown Havana, Cuba. Others believe that story may just be a brilliant marketing scheme to bring tourism to the bar – either way it definitely worked.

In the 2002 Bond flick – Die Another Day – Pierce Brosnan sips a Mojito while chatting up Jinx (Halle Berry). This scene led to a huge resurgence in the popularity of the drink which is still going strong to this day.

But Really – Where Did the Mojito Come from Originally?

There is a story popular in Cuba dating back into the 1500s that recounts English slave traders landing on their shores sick to death with scurvy. The knowledgeable local tribes had just the thing to perk them right up. They brought them back and gave the sailors -slavers- a simple refreshing drink.
This rum, mint, sugarcane, and lime concoction was the perfect cure for the invader’s illness. The captain of this ship was named Sir Francis Drake and that drink became known as El Draque. Many historians believe that this drink is the precursor to the modern Mojito we all know and love today.

Shake up Your Mojito Game

Due to the simple nature of this classic cocktail, there are countless varieties available to try. All with the same base idea – but with wildly different tastes and feels.

Mojito Recipe Variations

Pineapple Mint Mojito

  • Use a pineapple-flavored rum and replace the lime juice with pineapple juice. For an extra pineapple-y kick – choose pineapple mint for the greenery.

Mojito Nihongo

  • This option substitutes Japanese shiso leaves for the mint, sweet sake (Mansakuno Hana) for the rum, and uses Sprite instead of club soda.

Mojito Diablo

  • This variation calls for tequila and creme de cassis for an interesting twist. Additionally, the use of brown sugar adds warmth to the drink.

Strawberry Mojito

  • The addition of fresh muddled strawberries and Creme de Fraise des Bois makes this Mojito variation a refreshing fruity minty favorite.

Mango Mojito

  • Substitute the traditional white rum for a flavored mango rum to add a tropical twist to this well-loved classic cocktail.

Coconut Mojito

  • Coconut rum has a similar tropical flavor that makes drinkers long for the warm humid nights at the beach.

Raspberry Mojito

  • As simple as it may seem – adding fresh muddled raspberries to a Mojito elevates the drink into this tangy minty concoction that is to die for.

Dark Mojito

  • Utilizing a darker rum ensures your Mojito’s rum flavor is highlighted which adds an entirely new aspect to this drink.

Gin Mojito

  • Using Gin instead of the traditional rum is a well-known and loved variation. Similar to a mint julep – the herbaceous Gin truly complements the mint flavor.

Make a Mojito at Home

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