How to use a Boston Shaker

How To Use A Boston Shaker!

Hey there, cocktail lovers! Are you ready to step up your bartending game? Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most important tools of the trade: the Boston shaker. But forget about those boring mixing glasses, we’re all about using the metal-on-metal Boston shaker. So, let’s get shaking and have some fun!

First things first, let’s talk about the two parts of the Boston shaker. You’ve got the larger metal bottom and the smaller metal top. The two fit together perfectly to create a seal that allows you to shake your cocktail without spilling a drop. No more embarrassing spills on your kitchen counter or your friends’ clothes!

isolated boston shkaer on white background

Now, let’s talk about building your drink. We suggest building your cocktail in the smaller shaker, this shaker holds the total volume that fits inside the full tool. Add your ingredients first, then ice, and cap with the larger shaker. Give it a firm tap to create the seal, flip the shaker so the small shaker is on top, hold tight and shake, shake, shake! The metal-on-metal action helps to chill your drink faster, creates aeration, and gives you better control of dilution level.

When you’re ready to serve, tap the side of the shaker with the palm of your hand to break the seal. Pour your perfectly mixed cocktail into your glass of choice, garnish, and enjoy! Don’t forget to show off your skills by giving your shaker a little flair, like a spin or a toss, but be careful not to spill!

In conclusion, the Boston shaker is a must-have tool for any aspiring mixologist. Using the metal-on-metal shaker allows for a better mix and a faster chill, while also showing off your bartending skills. So, let’s raise our shakers to the sky and cheers to making delicious cocktails with style!