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The Secret to Fixing Your Perfect Cocktail – the Fine Mesh Strainer

Most of us have had a drink ruined by bits of fruit or tiny egg whites that made it through a single strainer. It’s frustrating to take one sip and be greeted with something you didn’t want in your drink. Fine mesh cocktail strainers, otherwise known as tea strainers, are bar and kitchen tool necessities. These strainers are small circular wire mesh screens that fit into a metal ring or globe and are often used in combination with a Hawthorne strainer or Julep strainer as an extra precaution.

How Fine Mesh Cocktail Strainer Works

Tea strainers can be used to make drinks without the worry of herbs, egg whites, fruit pieces, etc ruining their texture. Add your primary strainer to the cocktail shaker to remove the larger particles such as ice cubes, whole herbs, etc. Hold the fine mesh wire strainer over your glass by its handle and pour your cocktail through both strainers into the serving glass!

We have so many uses for this classic cocktail accessory these days—let Learn how to use a fine mesh cocktail strainer. It’s simple, and we’ll show you all the proper techniques that make your drinks taste better with fewer bits of fruit or other unwanted items floating in them.

The Right Way to Double Strain With a Fine Mesh Strainer

We all know that sometimes our Juleps and Hawthorne strainers just don’t get everything. But have no fear, the Fine Mesh Strainer is here to save the day! Simply pour your drink through it for a smooth beverage like nothing you’ve had before.

There are many fine strainer types, but the one we want to talk about is a fine mesh strainer. It’s small and circular with little holes in it so you can’t see through them. The idea of using this type of fine mesh strainer is that when fruit pieces or other undesirable substances get into your drink, they will get caught in the fine mesh and not make it to your glass. 

Adding a second strainer to the bar process can help you create an even smoother drink. The Fine Mesh Strainer is specifically designed for this purpose and will ensure all of your hard work in perfecting that cocktail has paid off!

How to Use a Fine Mesh Strainer:

  • Attach your main strainer (either Hawthorne or Julep) to the shaker or mixing glass.
  • Then hold the fine mesh cocktail strainer by its handle over the rim of your desired glass.
  • Pour the drink through the main strainer and the fine strainer into your glass.
  • The large particles, such as ice or chunks of fruit are caught by the primary strainer while anything that comes through it will be caught by your secondary mesh.
  • Enjoy your perfectly smooth cocktail!

Fine Mesh Strainers for a Perfectly Clean Cocktail

The Fine Mesh Strainer is perfect for when you want to get every last drop out of your drink ingredients. It won’t ruin the cocktail by causing ice cubes or fruit pulp in it like other strainers might do! Plus, this tool makes cleaning up after yourself much easier than ever before because all you have to do is rinse it off instead of dealing with a bunch of wet messes. 

The metal ring, or globe, is usually made of good quality stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, or brass material that helps ensure that your cocktails are as clean and clear as possible! This means no fruit pieces sneaking by because they were too small to get captured on their own but big enough to slip past some other types of strainers.

Fine mesh cocktail strainers are used in combination with other types of bar strainers to ensure that your drink is well-filtered and without unwanted sediment.

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A home bar is a great place to entertain friends, relax with your family members or just have some time for yourself. A drink can be the perfect way of loosening up and getting in an even better mood! For more information on all the accessories you may need at your home bar, check out our blog where we talk about everything from Hawthorne strainers to cocktail recipes like Mint Juleps.