Top 5 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

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5 Best-In-Class Fun Virtual Events for Your Happy Hour

The TalkTales team has scoured the internet to come up with a list of the top 5 most awesome virtual happy hour activities to keep you and your virtual team laughing, talking, and having a blast. When you work from home – sometimes it can feel a little isolating. Bring the team together and try one of these virtual happy hour ideas for a good time.

It’s not hard to host a fun virtual happy hour – and TalkTales is here to help you with some ideas and inspiration for your group’s night in.

Social Distancing With Style

Blah Blah Blah – unprecedented times amiright? Not everybody is down in the dumps about the prospect of not needing to go out into the world every time they want to socialize.

Video chat is your preferred communication method – it helps you interact face to face with friends, family, and coworkers >except that you don’t have to wear pants – or find a designated driver<.

There are many video conferencing platforms available – from google hangouts to zoom – just choose the options that work best for your group.

Netflix Parties

Plan a watch party for your group with one of a number of services designed to facilitate synchronous streaming. Teleparty, formerly Netflix Party, now hosts simultaneous streaming for Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO. Each person will need their own credentials to log into the streaming service – but this option is great for marathons of Jurassic Park or a group viewing of The Goonies.

Chat with your friends while you watch and enjoy Breakfast at Tiffany’s while sipping on a Breakfast at Tiffany’s – a Rose and Raspberry cocktail made with Belvedere vodka, rose liqueur, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and an egg white.

>Drinking< Game Night

This is an easy one – as there are so many regular drinking games that easily convert into a video call setting. Never have I ever, circle of death, power hour, and more are all great options to try at your virtual happy hour. 

Cards Against Humanity, while not technically a drinking game, can easily be made into one by having whoever wins the round drink. This option always leaves us in shock, horror, and unstoppable laughter – it’s certainly worth a try.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get your friends up and running around – as well as learn a little something about them. Prepare a list of increasingly specific items that each member of the virtual meeting needs to find somewhere in their home. Each successful scavenger gets a drink until everything on the list has been found.

Try starting off with a very vague description like “something green” and slowly progress until you’re asking for a “3 inch long Ticonderoga pencil with a perfectly unmarred eraser” or “polka-dotted owl clock”.

Virtual Board Games

There are plenty of paid and free resources out there for nearly any board game you can imagine to be played virtually. From Monopoly to Risk and even Clue – you and your team will become totally immersed in the gameplay even though you’re still separated. Play the game while logged into zoom and enjoy your drink – it’s gonna be a good night.

Virtual happy hour games don’t have to be just board games, Heads Up is a virtual charades game that is always a hit. Battleship, as always, is one of our all-time favorite regular game turned drinking game, and virtual Battleship hits just as hard.

Virtual Cocktail Classes

By far the best option on this list – virtual cocktail classes include a host bartender who is there to teach you how to make the drinks, share fun facts and the history surrounding the drinks, and give you the same banter you’d be used to at the bar itself. Bring the feel of your favorite hangout right to your home with private virtual cocktail classes.

Have a cocktail box delivered to each participant’s home and then join the class to partake in a fun, informative, and a little irreverent virtual happy hour your friends will be talking about for ages.

Help your remote team members stay connected

Keep your remote team in touch and on the same brainwave with virtual happy hours once a month. A chilled-out time to just relax and socialize without worrying about work, trying to get an uber, or getting too dressed up. This will bring your team closer together – even when they can’t actually be all that close.

Treat your team to an informative activity where drinking is encouraged and fun is mandatory.

For a good time call Cocktails with TalkTales

Consider this our number carved into the bathroom wall at your favorite bar. Take a load off and leave the “hosting” duties of your virtual happy hour or virtual holiday party to the TalkTales team. We’ll walk your group through the step-by-step process of making great cocktails with our virtual cocktail classes and handcrafted cocktail boxes.